Group Overview

From its beginning as a watch retailer, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses that includes financial services, property, watch and jewellery, entertainment, hospitality, media, furniture and furnishing, food and beverage, esports as well as co-working space.

Six companies within the Group are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. These include Emperor International Holdings Limited (Stock code: 163), which focuses on real estate investment and property development; Emperor Watch and Jewellery Limited (Stock code: 887), which specializes in the retail of luxury watches and fine jewellery; Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited (Stock code: 296), which concentrates on hotel and gaming businesses in Macau; Emperor Capital Group Limited (Stock code: 717), which provides a wide range of financial services; and Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock code: 491), which principally engages in entertainment, media and cultural development business; and Ulferts International Limited (Stock code: 1711), which is engaged in chain retailing of upmarket European furniture.

The diversified businesses of Emperor Group enable it to become a key player across various industries. Furthermore, the interaction and collaboration among business groups have created synergy, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and achieved resource-sharing, further improving the competitiveness of the Group. Every time one of its business groups has achieved outstanding results or has access to potential unique resources, other business groups almost always benefit from such an advantage and this collectively results to greater efficiency and effectiveness. Emperor Group truly treasures this strength. For many years, the Group has cultivated a corporate culture, which emphasizes close synergy among its various businesses. The Group is proud to have a team that comes from different backgrounds and professions yet able to work closely with one another.

Emperor Group always masters the market pulse and trends in international trade and economy. In the 21st century which is characterized by the rapid development of China as an economic superpower, apart from consolidating the business in Hong Kong, the Group will continue to actively develop its Mainland China market, particularly in watch and jewellery, real estate, financial services, as well as entertainment business. At present, the brand image of the financial services provided by Emperor Group is constantly building up in Mainland China. For real estate, a series of development projects are being carried out in the prime locations of various provinces. The Group’s watch and jewllery business is already quite mature with branches opened in a number of major cities in Mainland China. And the artists under the management of Emperor Entertainment Group have achieved great success and are beloved by their fans throughout the country. In future, the Group will further strengthen its Mainland China business and offer more quality choices to the customer in Mainland China so as to drive the economic development of China to another level.