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Chairman's message

2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Emperor Group.


Upon this special occasion, I can’t help but reflect on the ups and downs during the last half-century. I am indeed grateful for the support and trust from every investor, client, staff and member of the society. Thanks to all of you, we were able to go from strength to strength when laying a solid foundation that underpins our robust growth.


In the 80 years of achievements, the businesses of the Group have become the pioneer of many industries, for it has the supports of brilliant talents and embraces each opportunity with innovation mindset.  It has gradually written its own legacy and been regarded as classics in different eras. The footprint of our many iconic works is everywhere: our timeless watch and jewellery pieces, the new financial services that rode on Hong Kong’s economic boom, the classic pop songs that everyone knows and the well-known movies loved by many, the lifestyle trends that once enchanted generations, and the landmark buildings in various prime locations of the city. All these are part of the collective memories held dear by different generations.   


Rooted in Hong Kong, we will continue to guard the invaluable legacy of the Group, and create shared value with the community when riding on the opportunities arising from China’s unfolding economic trajectory. At this unique turn of time, we will actively seek synergy in our development in business, talents, technology and corporate social responsibility, and witness the rise of the Greater Bay Area as we take part in this exciting journey.


Dr. Albert Yeung

Chairman, Emperor Group