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Unveiling of A Timeless Classic

Mr. Yeung Shing, the founder of Emperor Group, inaugurated Shing On Kee Watch Shop at Shanghai Street, kicking off the history of the Emperor Group. The retail shop benefited from its location, established a unique commercial network, and took part and contributed in the rapid social and economic development in Hong Kong.

Aspiration And Visions In The Business World

As population began to boom in Hong Kong, the society grew prosperously. Business had taken off in Shing On Kee Watch Shop. Dr. Albert Yeung devoted his time assisting his father in managing the shop. Later, the experiences and challenges he encountered and overcame helped develop his business acumen and inspired him to become a successful entrepreneur.

Building The Cornerstone Of The Business

The Hong Kong economy had the first economic transformation.  The entrepot started to boom, bringing more business opportunities to the watch retailers. Dr. Yeung established his own watch shop “Observatory Watch & Jewellery” on Nathan Road, Kowloon. In the mid-1960s, he expanded his business into jewellery and opened “Emperor Watch and Jewellery Company”. A few years later, the first Tsim Sha Tsui branch of the Emperor Watch and Jewellery Co. Ltd was opened in 1969, integrating the resources and strengths of such many European premium brands as Tissot, Omega, Tudor, Rolex, etc. in which Dr. Yeung had successfully obtained the roles of agent.  

Exploring The Potential Of Different Industries

In the 1970s, Hong Kong’s economy took off while the population and businesses continued to grow. The Emperor Group began investing in real estate projects and expanded businesses in finance. Apart from setting up the first branch of the Emperor Financial Services Group at Shanghai Street, the Group also started to invest in movie production. Through expanding its business in Mainland China and Southeast Asia markets, the Group unleashed, maximised and capitalized its business potentials. Dr. Yeung also began devoting his time to philanthropic work to reciprocate by giving back to the society.

Overcoming Challenges And Obstacles

Hong Kong had another economic transformation in the 1980s – finance and its services soared. Riding on this wave, the Emperor Financial Services Group expanded rapidly as providing real-time stock information and trading services.  The Group owned most brokerage houses at that time in Hong Kong. The watch industry had also become one of the major industries that drove an on-going expansion of the Emperor Watch & Jewellery. Visionary, Dr. Yeung led the Group to catch all opportunities, face and resolve challenges, and strive for a glorious future. 

Achieving New Milestones And Pressing On Business Goals

The Emperor Group developed in maturity its businesses in watch and jewellery retail, real estate, and financial services. The Group's headquarters,  Emperor Group Centre, was officially inaugurated at Hennessy Road and became one of the commercial landmark buildings in Wanchai. Concurrently, the Group also extended its business in hotels, entertainment, and furniture retailing sectors; gradually, its real estate business and financial services into Mainland China. The Emperor Entertainment Group was officially established, and its ground-breaking manager system has incubated many talented artists, achieving another new milestone on its glorious journey.

Realizing Success By Crossover

Entering a new millennium, industries in Hong Kong became more diversified and formation of closer linkage with the businesses in Macau and Mainland China were undergoing.  While the Group developing its hotel business in Macau, Emperor Watch and Jewellery Limited (Stock code: 887), Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited (Stock code: 296), Emperor Capital Group Limited (Stock code: 717) were successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. This diversification of business brought in new synergies and had many breakthroughs within the Group. The Emperor Motion Pictures was then set up at the same time to boost competitiveness in the film and entertainment industry. While actively expanding its businesses, the Emperor Group continued to fulfil its philanthropic obligation by giving back to the community through donations. Senior centres were built and hospice services for the elderly were delivered in Mainland China. Such efforts were recognized by the government with various charitable awards.

Reinventing Oneself And Progressive Branding 

The Emperor Group has been evolving from its traditions and reinventing itself to keep up with the new internet-based economy. It launched multi-innovative lines of business including opening a new brand Emperor Cinema chain, developing an online entertainment model and co-work space, revitalizing for mixed use of  industrial buildings and serviced apartments and expanding the core watch and jewellery retail business overseas.  In addition, Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock code: 491) was officially listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, providing further support for the development of the entertainment industry.


Legacy Continues Beyond 80 years

The Emperor Group is now a conglomerate with 7 listed companies in Hong Kong and businesses expanded in the Greater China area and overseas. The Group continues to invigorate in the era of digitalization and strives for achievements and breakthroughs by bringing together the creative ideas and innovations for sustainability. A legacy of 80 years and beyond carries on.



Mr. Yeung Shing, founder of Emperor Group and father of Dr. Albert Yeung, opened Shing On Kee Watch Shop at 149 Shanghai Street, Kowloon.

0002-40 (04)

A few years after its establishment, Shing On Kee Watch Co. had an increasing team size and a diversified product range.


Dr. Albert Yeung took an active role in Shing On Kee business development when he was a teenager. He had successfully closed many business negotiations and deals by himself, and cultivated his unique business strategies.


Dr. Albert Yeung opened Observatory Watch Shop at 499 Nathan Road, Kowloon. The queen of Asian films, Ms. Ivy Ling Po (middle) was the officiating guest at the shop's opening ceremony.


Dealership of Omega was secured when Dr. Yeung was at the age of 22. The picture shows Mr. Dario Beraha (middle), the Chairman of Omtis Group, official distributor of Omega in Hong Kong.


The Group made it first move into jewellery retail business with the opening of Emperor Watch & Jewellery Company on the ground floor of Jade Mansion at the junction of Nathan Road and Waterloo Road, Kowloon. It was the Group's first store officially named after "Emperor".

0024-60 (40)

Ms. Ivy Ling Po, the queen of Asian films, and Mr. Dario Beraha, Chairman of Omtis Group, officiated at the grand opening ceremony of Emperor Watch & Jewellery Company.


Dr. Yeung secured the dealership of Rolex . The picture shows Mr. Hans Brunner (middle), the General Manager of Rolex Hong Kong Co. Ltd.


Emperor Watch & Jewellery Tsim Sha Tsui branch grand opened at 81 Nathan Road, Kowloon in the presence of Mr. Samson Sun JP (right), MBE, Honorary Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong & Kowloon Watch Traders.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-13 at 10.07.53 AM

On November 29, 1972, a congratulatory advertisement was published on the front page of "Sing Pao" to celebrate the grand opening of the expanded Observatory Watch & Jewllery store. Members and friends from the Hong Kong and Kowloon Watch and Clock Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the banking sector, travel agencies, major watch companies, foreign firms, business partners and notable names of the industry extended the warmest congratulations on the store expansion.


Mr. H. Suter (3rd right), the then Swiss Ambassador to Hong Kong, Mr. Hans Brunner (2nd right), the then General Manager of Rolex Hong Kong Co. Ltd., and Ms. Betty Li (2nd left), the queen of Asian films, officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the expansion of Observatory Watch Shop.

L_19721130_Wah Kiu Yat Po-01_highlight-02

On November 30, 1972,  "Overseas Chinese Daily" reported on Mr. H. Suter , the then Swiss Ambassador to Hong Kong, Mr. Hans Brunner, the then General Manager of Rolex Hong Kong Co. Ltd., and Ms. Ivy Ling Po, renowned Asian movie actress, officiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mr. Yeung Shing and Dr. Albert Yeung to celebrate the grand opening of the expanded Observatory Watch & Jewellery store. Business pioneers such as Dr. Samson Sun also made appearance at the event; chairman of travel agencies even led hundreds of Japanese tourists to visit the store for an exclusive preview and shopping experience.


Dr. Albert Yeung (right) was the Charter President of the Lions Clubs of South Kowloon from as early as 1976. Since then, he has been adhering to the philosophy of "From the community, To the community" and actively participated in charitable causes to give back to the society.


In 1978, the Group had seen a potential growth of financial industry in Hong Kong, and first launched its financial services locally. Emperor Financial Group was founded in the same year, offering foreign exchange, gold trading, securities and futures investment services. It quickly became one of the largest service institutions in Hong Kong, as well as the founding member of the Financial Industry Association. 


The Group set up an office in a commercial building in Sheung Wan.


Emperor International Exchange (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. was founded, offering professional investment advice and trading service to customers


In 1979, Sir Sze-yuen Chung, GBM, GBE, JP,  presented the charity award to Dr. Albert Yeung. It was his first charitable honor.


The Hong Kong film industry starts booming in the 70s. Dr. Albert Yeung first invested in the production of movie "Encore", starring Danny Chan, Leslie Cheung, and Mary Jean Reimer. A music video was also produced for the movie's theme song, establishing a comprehensive promotion strategy of film-music.


Emperor Gold and Jewellery Company Limited opened in North Point, Hong Kong. Showbiz celebrities and guests joint together to celebrate the occasion.

威皇深圳皮鞋製造廠不同的皮鞋生產程序 (下圖)

The Group entered the fashion & lifestyle market, setting up its first shoes making factory in Hong Kong.


To keep pace with rapid development in the financial services sector and to provide more service locations for customers, the Group formed the Universal Exchange Co. Ltd. in 1998.


Emperor International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 163) was established as the engine of the Group’s property business.


Emperor Watch and Jewellery Tsim Sha Tsui branch expanded its shop space and celebrated in a ceremony with showbiz celebrities Ms. Cherie Chung (2nd right) and Ms. Brigitte Lin (2nd left) as guests.


The Group acquired listed company Emperor (China Concept) Investments Ltd., which was later renamed as Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited (Stock Code: 296) in 2005. The picture shows the 2006 opened Grand Emperor Hotel managed by the company in Macau.


The Group started its furniture retail business by acquiring Ulferts.


Dr. Jackie Chan (2nd right), Ms Cherie Chung(from 3rd left) , Mr. David Eldon, the General Manager of HSBC, Ms Brigitte Lin, and Ms Cheung Man(1st right), officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony together at the grand opening of the Emperor Watch and Jewellery branch in Central.


The Group tapped into the media industry by acquiring Hong Kong Daily News. 


The site of the future Riverside Garden in Xiamen was acquired, setting the Group off on a venture into the property industry in the Mainland. 


Construction works of Emperor Group Centre, housing the Group’s headquarters in Wanchai, completed in a ceremony with Mr. G. Marshall (left), former Deputy General Manager of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd., as the officiating guest.


Emperor Securities Ltd., the securities brokerage arm of the Group, was established.


Emperor Group Centre in Wanchai grand opened at the presence of business and political tycoons including Mr. Bob Hawke (5th left), former Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Selway Swift (6th left), former Executive Director of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Junsheng (7th right), former Vice Director of Xinhua News Agency (Hong Kong Branch).

暢銷全球的飛圖卡拉OK影碟 - 綠

The group branched out into entertainment when it bought Fitto Entertainment, a karaoke and music company. Fitto specialises in the manufacture and distribution of karaoke laser discs that led the karaoke trends in Hong Kong.


The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel started business at 1 Wang Tak Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.


The Group acquired the entertainment magazine Oriental Sunday, an horizontal expansion of the Group’s media business.

EF  Logo 2021Apr 4CD V TC

Emperor Foundation was established to promote social sustainable development in different aspects, and to everaging volunteer manpower from the Group’s staff to contribute to the society.


The Group's catering brand "Genryoku Sushi" took the lead in bringing the concept of conveyor belt sushi from Japan to Hong Kong, setting off a boom in local Japanese food culture and establishing its status as the largest sushi chain in Hong Kong.


The inaugural issue of the travel magazine Weekend Weekly was released to reinforce the Group’s role in the media industry. 


Emperor Entertainment Group established as yet another milestone to the Group’s business development.


The setup of Emperor Motion Pictures made the Group’s endeavor in entertainment industry a more comprehensive one. 


Teen weekly New Monday hit the market with great success. It remains as one of the bestselling magazines in Hong Kong. 


New Media Group was established as the publisher of the Group’s magazines. Flagship titles including "Weekend Weekly", "New Monday", "Oriental Sunday", and "Economic Digest", providing a wide ranges of content covering entertainment and business market.


Chic party destination dragon-i started operating in Central.


Emperor Watch & Jewellery branch opened on Russell Street, Causeway Bay, with (from 2nd left) Dr. Stanley Ho, Mr. Nicholas Tse, Dr. Jackie Chan, Ms. Joey Yung and Twins as officiating guests.


The Group celebrated its 63rd anniversary with "Emperor 63rd Anniversary Dinner", attended by political and business tycoons that included Dr. Li Ka Shing, Dr. Stanley Ho, Dato Dr. Cheng Yu Tung, Mr. Joseph Lau, Dr. Francis Choi, J.P., Mr. Charles Ho and Mr. Timothy Fok, J.P., etc.


Grand Emperor Hotel, Macau grand opened in the presence of Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, Chief Executive of Macau, Mr. Francis Tam Pak Yuen, Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macau, Dr. Stanley Ho, Dr. Francis Choi, J.P., Dr. Jackie Chan, Mr. Hideaki Takizawa, Mr. Shin Hyun Joon, Mr. Andy Lau, Mr. Jacky Cheung, Mr. Nicholas Tse and Ms. Joey Yung.


Emperor Entertainment Group set up Emperor Star (Beijing) Limited as an official step into the China market. 


S.F.G. Emperor Culture Development Company Limited was jointly founded by Emperor Entertainment Group and leading mainland studio Shanghai Film Group. 


Emperor Capital Group Ltd. (Stock Code: 717) was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. 


Emperor Watch and Jewellery branch opened at 26 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui at the presence of officiating guests that included (from 2nd left) Mr. Hans Jakob Roth, then Consul General of Switzerland in Hong Kong; Ms. Maria Sharapova, Russian professional tennis player and 2006 U.S. Open Champion; Mr. Zhou Jun Ming, then Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR; Ms. Joey Yung, EEG artiste; and Mr. Andrey N. Smorodin, then Consul General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong.


The Group sponsored the mega firework display and gala concert "Harbour Extravaganza", the major official celebration activity to mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR. The picture was taken when Dr. Albert Yeung received a souvenir from Mr. Gao Siren, then Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR.


The Group sponsored “A Symphony of Lights”, the nightly light and sound show at Victoria Harbour, on July 6th and gave a banquet to celebrate its 65th anniversary.


Emperor Watch and Jewellery grand opened its new brand specialty shop at 8 Russell Street, Causeway Bay in the presence of the world's leading tenor Mr. Placido Domingo (middle) and Mr. Li Yundi (right), the international renowned classical pianist.


Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ltd. (Stock Code: 887) was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


Japanese ramen and bento restaurant chain misocool first opened in Quarry Bay. Officiating guests of the opening ceremony included top models Ms. Gaile Lai (2nd left) and Ms. Ana R. (3rd left).

AYFoundation Logo 4C V(2016MAR)

Dr. Albert Yeung founded Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation, which focuses on promoting the development of elderly and hospice services. The Foundation has made a number of grants for the construction of elderly and child care centres in Hong Kong and the Mainland. 


Emperor Financial Services Centre opened on Shanghai Street, Mongkok, providing one-stop-shop service.


Emperor Watch & Jewellery set up a Rolex boutique and Emperor Jewellery flagship store at 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.


Japanese restaurant chain Mazter first opened in Heng Fa Chuen, Hong Kong, with EEG artiste Mr. Leo Ku as one of the officiating guests.


Habour One, Emperor International's luxury seaview residential project, hit the market with success. The picture shows the management and guests celebrating at "Habour One VIP Night".


Another party venue TAZMANIA BALLROOM featuring elevatable pool tables and a table tennis table started operating.


Capitalizing on the success of Harbour One, Emperor International introduced another residential project The Java soon after.


Chinese restaurant Golden Valley at The Emperor Hotel was first awarded with One Michelin Star by the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2011.


Emperor International’s 3rd recent residential project 18 Upper East in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong, was launched with EEG artiste Ms. Charlene Choi as spokesperson.


To mark the Group's 70th anniversary, senior executives and EEG artistes posed in convertible sedans with a huge "70" symbol formed by over 1,000 staff members.


Emperor Group held a gala dinner to celebrate its 70th anniversary, welcoming over 2,000 guests that included prominent politicians, entrepreneurs and entertainment celebrities at close to 200 tables. 


Emperor International rolled out The Prince Place, a premium residential property on Prince Edward West, and achieved a sales record of over 80% of total available units just on the first day of sales.


Emperor Watch and Jewellery first ventured into an overseas market with 4 new shops opened in Singapore.


Emperor International acquired Wing Hang Finance Centre, a grade A office building on Gloucester Road, Wanchai.


Emperor Motion Pictures and UA Cinemas entered into a strategic partnership to invest and operate cinemas in Mainland China. Emperor-UA Cinemas, the new brand they established, has its first operation in Fushan, Guangdong Province.


Emperor International’s beachside shopping mall, the pulse in Repulse Bay, was opened.


Emperor Hotels Group launched its first serviced apartment - MORI MORI Serviced Apartments.


Emperor International launched its premium residential project “Upton” with EEG artiste Mr. Nicholas Tse as the spokesperson.


Emperor Entertainment Group and Emperor Motion Pictures celebrated their 15th anniversary in Beijing, attended by group top management team and artistes, including Nicolas Tse, Joey Yung, Twins and other show-business celebrities.


Inn Hotel, a new brand from Emperor Hotels Group, started operation in Macau.


Emperor International acquired Wincome Centre and renamed it as Emperor Commercial Centre on 1 March 2018 at Nos. 39 and 41 Des Voeux Road Central, the busiest transportation hub in Central.


Ulferts opened 3 new showrooms in Yuen Long, Whampoa and Kornhill respectively.


Emperor Cinemas, the cinema brand wholly owned by the Group, opened its first operation in Hefei, Anhui Province.


New Media Group launched a new logo to mark their transformation and business progression into the digital arena.


Emperor-UA Cinemas opened its first operation outside Guangdong Province at The Hub, Shanghai.


Chinese restaurant Golden Valley at The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel was awarded with One Michelin Star by the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau for the seventh consecutive year.


Emperor International acquired Ampersand Building on Oxford Street, London, further strengthening the proportion of overseas properties in its investment portfolio. 


Emperor International has established the first co-working space project Mustard Seed, which provides a resourceful and supportive environment for startups.


The number of listed companies under the Group has been increased to five. This latest member, Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock code: 491), principally engages in entertainment, media and cultural development business. 


Emperor International with URA launched chic residential project “The Amused” in Cheung Sha Wan.


Emperor Esports (EES) is a new business of the Emperor Entertainment Group, which promotes the healthy development of the local gaming industry through regular esports competitions, esports team management and the establishment of a professional gaming school.


Grand opening of Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Changli, China) Elderly Service Centre.


The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel has been relocated to 373 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, and renamed The Emperor Hotel for a brand new appearance and advanced services.


Emperor Group’s first Emperor Cinema in Hong Kong, located at the iconic Entertainment Building in Central.


Dr. Albert Yeung bestowed "Lifetime Achievement Award" at China’s Charity Chart Award 2017, as high recognition of his significant contribution to philanthropy.


Emperor Esports Stars successfully held the 1st “Emperor Cup 2017”, the winning team represented Hong Kong and competed with the teams from the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan regions.


Emperor Cinemas opened in Chong Qing Shin Kong Place which is equipped with the world’s largest Screen X system.


Established in 2017, Emperor Group Centre is a stronghold on Chang'an Avenue in Beijing. It offers a unique environment for office, commercial, retail and shopping, entertainment and leisure.


Ulferts International Limited (Stock Code: 1711) was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.


Emperor Cinemas opens its new operation at the New Town Commercial Arcade in Tuen Mun, New Territories in Hong Kong.


The first-ever flagship of Emperor Cinemas in mainland is grandly open at Emperor Group Centre Beijing, situated on Chang’an Avenue, the prime location of the capital. The cinema comes with world-class equipment and offers an extraordinary cinematic experience for mainland consumer.


Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group, awarded the “Leading Philanthropist of the Year” hosted by China Charity Chart Award 2018 as a high praise for his charitable acts over the years.


The first VIP multiplex Emperor Cinemas set foot in Shenzhen East Pacific Shopping Mall.


Peak Castle, the luxury residential project developed by Emperor International in Tuen Mun, offers 14 houses and each enjoys the private pool, garden and its own house number, which further accentuates its prominence.


Ulferts International’s new retail line “at‧home” opened the first store in the shopping mall Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan which is the first home deco store in Hong Kong to equipped with online VR shopping experience. 


Emperor Esports Stars successfully held the 2nd competition Emperor Cup 2018. It was seen as the largest esports game operated in malls among Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


Emperor Group Centre Beijing was awarded the honor of “6-Star Super A-level Building” by CBD Building Quality Certification and CBD Building Alliance, the award has enhanced the recognition and prestige of the complex in China’s real estate market.


Emperor Watch and Jewellery made its giant step into overseas market, opened up the very first Emperor Jewellery flagship store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The AESF Regional Qualifiers of the demonstration sport of the Asian Games 2018, E-sports was successfully held in Emperor Group Centre’s Esports Arena, gathered strong contingents from all regions in the world.


Emperor Motion Pictures’ production “Operation Red Sea” was awarded the “2018 Highest Grossing Asian Film” with its prosperous box office which exceeded HKD 4.5 billion worldwide.


Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group awarded the “Most Influential Leading Philanthropist” at the China’s Charity Chart Award 2019.


Emperor International awarded with "BCI Asia Top 10 Developer Award" presented by BCI Asia in recognition of its continuous growth and achievements in developing high quality and innovative projects.

Hollywood centre

Emperor International acquired Centre Hollywood, the commercial building at No. 151 Hollywood Road Sheung Wan, demonstrated the ambition to optimise the Group’s property investment portfolio by acquiring quality properties.


Located in Funing County in Jiangsu Province, the “Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Funing, China) Elderly Service Centre” officially came to operation, the premises is the tenth elderly project of the Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation. 


Emperor Group Centre Beijing, located along Chang’an Avenue in Beijing, was honored the “2019 China Golden Landmark Award for Office Buildings” by dint of its international operating system and world-class commercial quality.


Emperor Cinemas is open in MOS Town in Ma On Shan, New Territories in Hong Kong.


Emperor Cinemas first entered the overseas market, has its grand presence in the R&F Mall Johor Bahru in Malaysia.


Emperor Esports Stars carries on pushing forward the development of E-sports industry, the 3rd large-scale competition Emperor Cup 2019 has become a premier league of mobile e-sports game with highest prize money in the city.


The sky-high exclusive music lounge "The Crown" officially launched at the rooftop of the Emperor Hotel, fused with music, exquisite drinks and delicacies, plus a 270-degree panoramic city view.

01 - Copy 1

An Academy is cooperatively founded by Communication University of China, Nanjing and Emperor Entertainment Group, to implement the mission of youth cultivation and map the education of creativity.


Along with 5G’s official release in China, Beijing Emperor Group Centre has become the first “6-star super a-level building” on Chang’an Avenue that completed the full coverage with 5G network.


In November 2019, by prevailing in the publicly known cross-class trademark invalidation cases in Mainland China, trademarks “Emperor (英皇) ”and “Emperor Watch and Jewellery and the crown-shaped icon (英皇鐘錶珠寶及皇冠圖形)” have been recognized as well-known to the relevant public in Mainland China and have obtained cross-class protection by the National Intellectual Property Administration, affirming Group’s wide acknowledgment in China and its brand value.

Emperor_Isquare_14 - Copy 1

The new Emperor Cinemas is open in iSQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui which covers an area of about 46 thousands square meters, equipped with the brand’s VIP house the CORONET and the largest IMAX® with Laser theater in Hong Kong.


The new Emperor Cinemas is open in Citywalk in Tsuen Wan which has Five houses with the capacity of entertaining 687 movie-goers at the same time are equipped with state-of-the-art SONY 4K Laser Projector, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system.


Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Changli, China) Elderly Service Centre and Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre were honoured with the 2-Star and 3-Star elderly centre by the local government of Hebei Province respectively.


Emperor International successfully revitalized an industrial building to Tuen Mun’s new landmark complex, 4 Kin Fat Lane, which consisting of office space, retail and restaurant, now officially open for leasing.


Emperor International launched a new hotel-style residential project, Central 8, which stands proud above the Central Mid-Levels.


Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group awarded the “Philanthropist of The Year” at the China's Charity Chart Award 2020.


The Emperor Hotel’s restaurant bar, The Crown won 3 international design awards.


Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre and Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Xiongzhou) Elderly Care Centre were both awarded 3 stars rating in the evaluation of demonstration institutions in Hebei Province.

Lohas_英皇戲院_milestone - Copy 1

Emperor Cinemas opens its new operation at The LOHAS in Tseung Kwan O, New Territories in Hong Kong.


Emperor International has licensed its properties that pending for reconstruction and development for the first time as a temporary transitional residence. By joining hands with the New Home Association in launching the ALL AS ONE Co-living Scheme, to provides assistance to underprivileged groups. Meanwhile, Ulferts International Limited, a subsidiary of Emperor Group is sponsoring a set of basic furniture in all units, which allows families or people in need to move in immediately and reduce their expenses.


Emperor Entertainment Group's headquarters in the Greater Bay Area officially settled in Guangzhou and held a grand opening ceremony at the Experimental Theater of Guangzhou Opera House.


Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group awarded the “Outstanding Philanthropic Leader of the Year” 2021


Seaside Castle, a spectacular and rare residential project by the coast with 8 detached houses that is proudly presented by Emperor International. Each mansion has two parking spaces, a private pool, lift, and garden, as well as a spectacular view of the sea melted into the sky.


The Emperor Cinemas expands its movie theatre business with the seventh addition at Times Square, the landmark of Causeway Bay. It boasts five houses with a total seating capacity of 917, and is the first cinema to equip all seats with wireless charging phone mounts in Hong Kong.

Logo macao

Emperor Cinemas (Lisboeta Macau) introduces the first IMAX Theatre, MX4D Theatre and VIP House the CORONET in Macau. 

英皇娛樂元宇宙 2

Emperor Entertainment Group announced its foray into the metaverse, making it the first entertainment company in Hong Kong to have constructed a virtual music entertainment space in The Sandbox.

Alex Yeung

Mr. Alex Yeung Promoted to Vice Chairman of Emperor Group

英皇影院集團推出全新品牌 《EMPEROR CINEMAS Plus+》

Emperor Cinema Group Launches New Brand "EMPEROR CINEMAS Plus+"


Emperor International jointly developed "No.15 Shousan Hill" with several developers. The development offers 15 detached houses, which is a masterful curation of ultra-luxury house development nestled in the tranquil green belt of Southern District, 


Dr. Albert Yeung, the chairman of Emperor Group and Mr. Alex Yeung, the vice chairman of the Group were together awarded "Philanthropic Inheritance Excellence Awards" in China’s Charity Chart.


Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung awarded "Charity 20th in China‧Philanthropic Leader" and "Young Philanthropist of the Year" in China’s Charity Ranking


Emperor Cinemas opened in Nova (Foshan), introducing the 4th cinemas in Guangdong Province


Emperor Cinemas opened in Ufun Shopping Centre (Chengdu), introducing the 2nd cinemas in Chengdu Province.

NC5_0839 copy

New Media Lab Limited (Stock Code: 1284) listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

Emperor Cinemas Plus (The Wai)-4

EMPEROR CINEMAS Plus+, the new brand under Emperor Cinemas Group and the first cinema in Tai Wai, opened in The Wai Mall.