Green Action



The Meaning of Getting Green

To create a sustainable future, green building is a new trend in the industry. The Group's new development projects comply with the standards of the Building Environmental Assessment Law recognized and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited, and adopt a series of environmentally friendly designs and systems. The residential project "The Amused" was awarded "Gold, BEAM Plus" by BEAM; the Emperor Group Centre located on Chang'An Avenue in Beijing was awarded "LEED Gold" certification. In 2022, Emperor International Holdings Limited is presented with two ESG prizes at “Hong Kong Green and Sustainable Finance Awards”.


The Goodness of Recycling

Emperor Group has transformed our businesses and projects into the digitalized era. Together with our staff, tenants and customers, we have turned our workplace into a “paperless” and “eco-friendly” working environment. This not only enhances the efficiency of our daily communications but also helps protect our environment. Apart from this, the Group has set up recycling facilities at our real estate and properties, providing an eco-friendly environment for our team and customers to practice green circular economy while promoting the core value of sustainable business. In 2023, the Group signed a "Memorandum of Understanding on Green Transport" to build a smart city by adding and upgrading electric vehicle supercharging facilities in Emperor International's property projects in response to the government's goal of green transportation and carbon reduction.