Community Inclusion



ALL AS ONE Co-living Scheme

The Group has been committed to exploring and advocating new ways of giving back to the society. Emperor International and the charity organisation New Home Association (NHA) joined hands in launching the "ALL AS ONE Co-living Scheme". Emperor International licenses a total of 22 apartment units of its property situated at Ko Shing Building, 78-80 Queen Road West, Sheung Wan for a term of one year to NHA, who performs as an operator at a nominal rent of $1. NHA then provide temporary housing to people having an urgent need for housing or having queued for Public Rental Housing for no less than 3 years, especially to socially disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minorities and single-parent families to provide them transitional residence that combined with ideas of Co-living and Cohesion. Besides, to improve households’ living condition and quality of life, the scheme emphasises social integration and encourage households to contribute their talents to society through practices of sharing and mutual support.