Digital Media

New Media Group is one of the leading Digital First media and Content Publishers in Hong Kong. Our flagship titles, including Oriental Sunday, Weekend Weekly, Weekend Weekly Jetso, NM+ New Monday, more, Sunday Kiss, GOtrip, Economic Digest, SSwagger and Madame Figaro HK, specialise in covering a wide range of topics that include travel & entertainment, food & dining, lifestyle & fashion, sports, finance and analysis, as well as local culture & trends etc.


Our fully developed on/offline platforms and social networks allow us to provide one-stop total solutions to reach different target audiences. Our omnichannel footprint and extensive data library serve to fulfil our clients’ every sales and promotional needs, from creating content, building brands, increasing loyalty, to launching tactical campaigns and expanding marketing reach in the digital world.


In this age of information explosion, speed, breadth, accuracy and flexibility are paramount. Our team works tirelessly to cover trending topics and interesting stories around the world to capture the loyalty of our audience, while looking for the best digital media solutions as we re-define the media industry of our times.

Royce Lee
Chief Executive Officer, New Media Group