Youth Development



Nurturing Talents Education

Youth is the hope of our future. Therefore, the Group established the “Emperor Foundation Scholarship” early in 90s which subjects to final-year undergraduates of twelve registered tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and primary school in Mainland China as an encouragement to students with excellent academic results. The Foundation has also made donations to other education funds in the Mainland, including the “Ministry of Justice, PRC Education Fund”, “China University of Political Science and Law – C.U.P.L. Dr. Albert Yeung Education Fund”, “Peking University Education Foundation” and “Xiamen Education Fund” for students with either excellent academic results or underprivileged family background. 

Youth field trip

The Vitality of Youth Internship Programme

Young people are the future, the hope and the cornerstone to our society as they fuel its long-term socio-economic development. The youth internship program led by Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, provides students from different backgrounds with opportunity to gain workplace experience in various industries. The program aims to help students discover their area of interests and future career path. Mr. Yeung also takes on the role in mentoring a group of young people, exchanging ideas and experiences in two-way.