Shared Value

Mustard Seed

Start-ups Sharing The Passion

Mighty trees were once tiny seeds that sprouted slowly and grew vigorously. Started its business as a watch retailer, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses. We believe even the tiniest matter can enkindle the greatest story to tell. Motivated by this vision, Emperor Group has launched an innovative platform: Mustard Seed, the Group’s first co-working space at Emperor Group Centre in Wan Chai. Such innovative platform have brought diversity to the businesses of the Group and encourage young people and startups with passions to develop their business and career in innovative technology, creative and cultural industries. With shared resources and networks, we hope to bring in synergies and combine innovation and the Group’s values that can benefit everyone.


Creating Values for the Society

Since the blooming development of Western Economic Corridor, the infrastructure and transportation network have progressed and expanded.  The “one-hour living circle” in the Greater Bay Area has become significant to the future development of the area. Looking forward, Emperor Group will invest more resources in developing projects in Tuen Mun, that drives cross-regional traffics and visitors. It helps with maturing the development and planning of the area, and creating shared value with the local community.