Financial Services

At the end of the 1980s, Hong Kong's economy took off and the market investment trend became more and more popular. The atmosphere prompted the Group to firstly get involved in investment and international financial markets. Emperor Financial Group and Emperor Capital Group were developed one after another.


Emperor Financial Services Group was officially established in 1978, mainly engaged in forex and precious metal trading, and also provides global trading products such as energies and stock indices.


Emperor Capital Group (stock code: 717), the company listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, was established in 1993. The group provides diversified financial products, insurance services, asset management, corporate finance and loans, etc., which can fully cater the different investment needs of individuals, families and enterprises.


The fruitful return from investment we achieve for our clients motivates us to do well and do better in creating wealth, and in adding value to our clients’ portfolio of quality assets.  

Daisy Yeung
Chairperson, Emperor Capital Group

Learning to invest in a relaxing way is the mission of Emperor Financial Services Group. With providing abundant information and customized loyalty program, we guard our clients’ wealth together to pursue growth with prudence for helping them building a superior life.

Brian Tsui
Chief Executive Officer, Emperor Financial Services Group