Co-working Space


Our first co-working space project Mustard Seed is conveniently located at Emperor Group Centre, Wan Chai, which also houses our Hong Kong headquarters. Leveraging the Group's other businesses in entertainment, film and media sectors, we have strategically made Mustard Seed a haven for creative industry startups, providing a resourceful and supportive environment for gritty entrepreneurs to thrive.


The 2017 Policy Address has introduced the "Space Sharing Scheme for Youth", providing a platform for owners of revitalised industrial buildings and commercial buildings to contribute floor areas for the operation of co-working space or studios, to support start-ups of emerging industries and young people who are starting their own businesses, and to support the development of arts and culture. Mustard Seed was the first co-working space project, and the only commercial building that participated in the Scheme, offering a wide range of leasing options for young entrepreneurs at a concessionary rent no higher than half of the market rental. We have been actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities, with the objective of making a contribution to the community through concrete actions. Since joining the Scheme, a group of young entrepreneurs have successfully grown their businesses by making use of the various resources, opportunities and community affiliations provided by Mustard Seed, hence the project is well received by the startup sector.

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