Statement of Clarification: The name “Hong Kong Emperor International Group” (香港英皇國際集團) was being used by law-breakers for purporting to be Dr. Albert Yeung and Emperor Group
2019 / 07 / 02

It has recently came to our attention that, a person known as "楊明" (pronounced “Yang Ming”) and his gang have been calling funds for several commercial scams and other fraudulent activities in the names of “Hong Kong Emperor International Group” (香港英皇國際集團), “Emperor International” (英皇國際), “Emperor xx Hotel/ Resort” (英皇××大酒店/度假村), “Emperor Investment” (英皇投資), “Emperor Club” (英皇會) and other companies with a crown logo and textual (“Emperor”) indications of the Group, which object include corporations and government units in Mainland China. The diffusion has caused great damage to the reputation of Emperor Group, as well as Dr. Albert Yeung, chairman of Emperor Group, as an individual.


Emperor Group has immediately conducted check-up with the company registry upon receipt relevant enquiries and reports from victims, however, the person involved “Yang Ming” was not found relating to any companies registered in Hong Kong and addresses Yang had provided were either empty or subordination of other entities. Therefore, the Group has reported this fraudulent case to Shenzhen’s Public Security Organs for opening up an investigation. Thanks to the prompt action made by the special panel, the fraud syndicate was smashed, following the arrest of Yang and his gang of six persons, which effectively keeps the public from suffering anymore possible torts.


In the future, the Group will continuously pay attention to similar incidents, and to prevent unauthorized persons from using our intellectual property to deceive the public.


The Group again alerts the public to be aware of false statement, if you require any further information, please contact our Communications Department by email (