Emperor Group presents 80th Anniversary Video - “From Time to Timeless” Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group and Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group make their voice acting debut of a classic journey with Hins Cheung
2022 / 08 / 29

In celebration of its 80th Anniversary, Emperor Group presents "From Time To Timeless", a short video series featuring Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group, Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, and Hins Cheung, artist of Emperor Entertainment Group, on two separate journeys through time. For the first time, Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung have lent their voices as a voice-over actor with Hins Cheung, reliving the milestone moments of Emperor Group through the iconic scenes spanning 80 years, recalling how Emperor Group has evolved and grown with the city during the course of Hong Kong’s economic development.


Emperor Group was founded in 1942, from Shing On Kee Watch Shop located on Shanghai Street, Kowloon, established by Mr. Yeung Shing, the father of Dr. Albert Yeung. In 1964, Dr. Albert Yeung opened his own watch store on Nathan Road, Kowloon, and eventually expanded his businesses to the area of property, financial services, watch and jewellery, entertainment & culture, hospitality, digital media and home living. Today, the Group has grown into a diversified conglomerate with six companies listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


To celebrate Emperor Group's 80 years of success, the video "From Time To Timeless" is split into two episodes. Through a nostalgic style, the 1st episode "From Time" revisits the pioneering footprints of Dr. Albert Yeung and the Group from 1942 to the early 2000s across various industries, showing loads of precious and historical scenes. The 2nd episode, "To Timeless", is a lively, pop-inspired interpretation of the timeless classic value, as the Group continues to explore the future and discover every possibility with every stakeholders in the society. The two episodes are narrated by Hins Cheung and concluded by Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung for the Group’s development in different decades with their voices.


On this special occasion, Dr. Albert Yeung expressed his gratitude, "From the days when I learned how to do business from my father at a small watch shop, to present days when the Group has been able to develop diversified businesses, expanding from Hong Kong to Mainland China, Macau and overseas, and gradually connecting with the world, the belief of 'always put people first' has never changed. For more than half a century, I am grateful for the support and trust of investors, customers and people from different circles, in particular, a team of dedicated colleagues who have been working hard for the Group all the time. In the future, Emperor Group will continue to keep up with the times, innovate while maintaining its stability, and share its corporate value with the society."


Mr. Alex Yeung looks forward to continuing to carry forward the fruitful achievements of his father and grandfather over the past 80 years. He said, “Since I was a child, I have followed my father through different departments of the Group which has become a significant part of my growth. I appreciate my father and my seniors for their support along the way, allowing me to participate in the development of the Group. To celebrate the Group's 80-year heritage, by working with young people and creative talents, I would like to promote the sustainable development of the Group and the society, including the upcoming virtual charity tour event, to relive important moments of the Group's growth as well as that of Hong Kong. I look forward to our next journey towards another milestone of brilliant success, and our next quest for new possibilities as we walk together with the community.”


“AVON Recording Studios” was chosen for recording site this time. Hins Cheung, who participated in the Group's Anniversary event for the first time, said, "It is my honor to be involved in such an important celebration for the first time since I joined the company. It's a great memory for me to be able to record at AVON, where numerous classic hits were produced for Hong Kong music industry. Although it was the first time for them (Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung) to do voice acting, they finished the work in less than 15 minutes, and even perfectly recorded several versions with different rhythms and intonations. Usually it is my boss who always gives me tips on how to do my job well or deal with people appropriately, and this time I finally had the opportunity to share my insights with him, which must be included in my life achievement!”