Emperor Entertainment Group Joins Hands with Boom Theatre to Create Hong Kong's First Ever Long-Lived Musical Theater "Our Journal of Springtime"
2022 / 07 / 12

Emperor Entertainment Group and Boom Theatre held a press conference in the newly opened drama theatre operated by Boom Theatre today (July 12th ) to announce that the original play “Our Journal of Springtime” which is single-handedly created by Tom Chan (Chan Yan Shek), Hong Kong’s youngest musical creators will be back in the form of Hong Kong’s first long-running musical. The creation of theatre provides a foothold and space to promote the development of local musical theatre and young creators and to introduce the stage culture to the general public. Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group and Emperor Entertainment Group, Ms. Shirley Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Entertainment, Mr. Alex Fung, Concert and Stage Director of Emperor Entertainment, Mr. Tom Chan, Creator of Boom Theatre and Long-running Projects accompanied by the whole crew included the artiste To Siu Kiu, the cross-media culturati and the event emcee Lawrence Cheng joined as guests. In the press conference, the crew’s actors presented a flash mob dance performance, performing one of the songs “I Have a Dream” from the play. The preview date of“Our Journal of Springtime” is from August 10th to 31st, and the official premiere will be held in September.


Emperor Entertainment and Boom Theatre are like-minded which facilitated the collaboration successfully. Mr. Alex Yeung mentioned in the speech, “As an entertainment company, in addition, to provide the audience with multivariate production such as song, movie, stage play, we keen to innovate and promote the sustainability of the Hong Kong Entertainment Culture Industry, we are committed to cultivating local young creators and artists to respond to the positioning of Hong Kong as a cultural hub between Chinese and other cultures. By joining hand in hand with Boom Theatre, we hope to cultivate more young professionals for the cast and the production crew. By pushing the play as a node to encourage more long-running creations and slowly become one of the mainstream stage cultures of Hong Kong."


The promising play “Our Journal of Springtime” is about love, friendship, family, and dream, spreading a positive message through forms of singing and dancing. A majority of students, parents, educators, fellows, and media were united in praise after watching the previous premieres. Combining the creative practice of Western musical and Hong Kong stories, global resonance theme, and diversified content, the play perfectly matches the taste of audiences of different backgrounds, giving the crew confidence to perform for long. Through continuous performance, we hope to gradually form an artistic vibe in society, and provide more options for the public.


Ms. Shirley Hughes is also confident that the play will be revived in Hong Kong, she said, “Hot-blooded stories are widely popular with the masses as they always come along with positive message with rich educational significance. Besides, the most important characteristic of musicals is to deliver stimulation to all ages, gender, and people with different living backgrounds through music, stage performance, and visual effect. I believe that the play will surely be rooted in the growing popularity of Hong Kong’s long-running musicals, and become an entertainment and cultural project that represents its own city."


Mr. Tom Chan thanked all business partners who helped, encouraged, and supported him along the way in the press conference. He sincerely said, "On that day, we went around knocking on doors to raise funds for this unprecedented project. Fortunately, Emperor Entertainment Group is willing to support us and act as one of the producers, which led to the birth of the first long-running musical in the history of Hong Kong, and gradually turn musicals into a part of the life of Hong Kong citizens.”


The cross-sector collaboration between performing art groups and business enterprises is also an effective demonstration of the vision and achievements of the collaborative efforts from all sectors of the community. Sharing their respective experience and advantages, it will provide a broader space for the development of Hong Kong's entertainment and cultural industry.