Emperor Group Fully Supported Greeners Action’s “Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program” to Put “Go Green” into Practice
2023 / 03 / 06

Emperor Group actively promotes a “go green” and low-carbon lifestyle by integrating sustainable development concepts into its business operations. This year, for the first time, the Group partnered with Greeners Action to launch the "Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program". From 5th Feb to 27th Feb 2023, the Group set up 14 collection points in the Group's shopping malls, residential and commercial and buildings. The collected Lai See packets will be processed and sorted by Sheltered Workshop, and turned into new Lai See Packets to be distributed to the public in the following year, extending the value of paper. Through this program, the Group hopes to encourage its colleagues, tenants, and residents to put “go green” concept into practice. This year, the Group has successfully received enthusiastic participation and support from the public, collecting over 310,000 Lai See packets.


In addition to promoting the reuse and recycling of Lai See packets, the Group has also signed the Greeners Action’s Charter on “Eco-Friendly Red Packets” this year, with the aim of reducing waste at the source by printing and distributing fewer Lai See packets.


"Lai See Reuse and Recycle Program" is an annual event organized by Greeners Action, which has been running for 14 years. Over the years, the program has received support from all sectors of society and has collected over 67 million red packets, equivalent to saving more than 3,400 trees. The program aims to promote the idea of celebrating holidays while protecting the environment. With the enthusiastic support of various sectors of society, the program's impact continues to expand, and the distribution and collection points are increasing day by day. This not only provides convenience to the public but also gradually cultivates citizens' awareness of reuse and waste reduction.