Emperor Foundation Sponsored a Special Screening of Local Musical “Our Journal of Springtime” for Youth
2022 / 12 / 17

Charity Foundation | Youth Development | Community Inclusion

On 17 Dec, Emperor Foundation sponsored a special screening of local original musical “Our Journal of Springtime” at Boom Theatre in Kwai Hing for youth. Over 150 young people, parents, and teachers were invited by three beneficiary organizations - Hong Kong United Youth Association, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, and the Neighborhood Advice-Action Council - to attend the event. The atmosphere was lively and the audience expressed their appreciation for the wonderful performance that was both humorous and touching.


The campus musical “Our Journal of Springtime” is a creation of Hong Kong's youngest musical producer, writer, composer, lyricist, director, and producer, Chan Yan Shek. It is the first long-running musical in Hong Kong's history, having held 139 performances since its debut in 2018. Combining Western musical production techniques with Hong Kong's unique culture, the musical focuses on the pursuit of love, friendship, family, and dreams by young students. It weaves positive messages into song and dance, as well as light-hearted and humorous plotlines. The previous performances have touched numerous audiences of different ages and backgrounds, receiving unanimous praise from students, parents, educators, industry professionals, and the media. At the same time, the production team hopes to gradually cultivate an artistic atmosphere and a new trend through continuous performances, providing the public with a long-term entertainment option.


Through its collaboration with Boom Theatre, the Emperor Foundation hopes to inspire young people to bravely pursue their dreams and find their own path in life through the story of the musical “Our Journal of Springtime”. Meanwhile, they aim to cultivate more young musical theater actors and professional stage crews, making the musical a bridge to encourage more diverse theatrical productions to move towards longevity, gradually making stage productions one of Hong Kong's mainstream cultures. Additionally, Emperor Foundation hopes to innovate and promote sustainable development of Hong Kong's entertainment and cultural industry, as well as foster Hong Kong's young creative talents and art workers, establishing Hong Kong as East-meets-West Centre for International Cultural Exchange.


Emperor Foundation was established in 1997 to promote sustainable development, improve harmony and unity in our social fabric, and encourage the holistic health of body and soul. The Foundation has worked with various organizations to organize and participate in activities for different charity causes that include education, medical, culture and environment, with strong focuses on youth development and talent nurturing. Besides “Emperor Foundation Scholarship” for each of the twelve registered tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, the Foundation has made donations to other education funds in Mainland China.