Emperor Group's "Student Affairs Development Project 2022" Completed Successfully, Helping Youths Prepare for Career and Plan for Their Future
2022 / 09 / 22

Youth Development

This year's "Student Affairs Development Project 2022" organized by Emperor Group and Elsie TU Education Fund has come to a successful conclusion at the closing ceremony. Following the excellent results and positive feedback of last year, Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, hopes that this year, the Group could continue to help young students in plan their career in advance by giving them the Group's resources and opportunities to move upward, so that young people with different backgrounds could understand various types of business development and accumulate experience, thereby effectively learn how to handle interpersonal relationships and enhance their self-confidence, which would be beneficial to their future participation in society.


This year, the Group has joined hands with the Elsie TU Education Fund again. Due to the recurrence of the pandemic and the government's implementation of epidemic prevention measures, the program schedule is more compact than last year. Emperor Group's business units include Grand Emperor Hotel, Emperor Cinemas, New Media Group, Ulferts and the pulse beachside shopping mall, which have provide extra internship quotas. The internship programme has to be condensed to allow the 15 F4 to F5 students of Mu Kuang English School to experience career life and absorb extracurricular knowledge within a limited time.


In order to help students understand more about the business units they will be working at and the details of the internship programme, Mr. Alex Yeung arranged a career orientation day before the internship and led a group of teachers and students to have a tour of the business units and learn more about their work, environment and service philosophy.


A number of new arrivals from the Greater Bay Area are among the students participating in the internship. Despite the new environment, they were brave enough to accept the challenge. The internship at the Grand Emperor Hotel was very rewarding, from the knowledge of catering etiquette to personal discipline. The students are now taking everything more seriously after internship. During the internship at Emperor Cinemas, student Hui realized the importance of English and learned to be polite and proactive towards customers.


The Principal of Mu Kuang English School, Mr. Ho Sai Cheong, expressed his gratitude to Emperor Group for their supports to the students' development and the guidance of the business representatives, and was pleased that the students' performance was highly evaluated. All groups of students shared their experiences and were grateful for the care and guidance they received from the staff of Emperor Group during this internship period, and the experience they gained would be invaluable in their lifetime.


Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, shared an interesting story during the ceremony. One day when he attended a premiere of a movie, he met some students who had participated in the same internship program a year ago and found out that they were invited by their supervisor who was leading them to attend the event.  Mr. Alex Yeung was very pleased about this and hoped that the students could maintain good relationships with their supervisors, colleagues and business partners while doing the real job. He also encouraged students to grasp every opportunity to learn. He wished that students could participate different activities, as the youth is power, and learn to think from multiple perspectives, and equip themselves well to enhance their competitiveness.


Emperor Group has diversified its business and actively fulfilled its social responsibility in order to achieve sustainable development while bringing positive influence to the society and promoting win-win development for all parties for the past 80 years. In line with its development strategy, the Group has expanded its services beyond the area of elderly welfare, with a special focus on youth development. With the advantage of the Group's diversified business resources, it helps youth training and education to plan their careers and development path as early as possible. It is also an effective way to help new immigrants and grassroots families to intergrate into local environment, enhancing their value and give back to the society in the future. Let's work together to create shared value and synergies.