Emperor Foundation donates a million to support “Yan Chai Anti-epidemic Fund”
2022 / 03 / 25

Charity Foundation | Community Inclusion

In response to the urgent needs of the society under the severe epidemic, the Board of Directors of Yan Chai Hospital allocated HKD 10 million to set up the "Yen Chai Anti-epidemic Fund". The “Yan Chai Anti-epidemic Fund" kick-off ceremony was held at the Yan Chai Hospital Fong Yock Yee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. Mr. Alex Yeung, the Executive Director of Emperor Group, presented a cheque of HKD 1 million to Ms. Macy Wong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yan Chai Hospital, and was represented the certificate of appreciation for the support.


In support of the "Healthy Soup Packs Sponsor", one of the major event run by "Yen Chay Anti-epidemic Fund", Emperor Foundation has made a donation of 40,000 healthy soup packs. The soup packs will be sent to those people in need through Yan Chai network. Beneficiaries are the members of five neighborhood elderly centres, including subdivided housing households, grassroots families, and the elderly living alone. "It has been more than two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, and the fifth wave of the epidemic is particularly severe, which has dealt an unprecedented blow to all walks of life. I am delighted that we, the Emperor Foundation can join hands with Yan Chai Hospital deliver immediate care and support to the underprivileged family and the elderly. Through the anti-epidemic fund , we hope to take care of the physical and mental well-being of the public in the most direct way, and we are also happy to see assistance from all sectors of society to overcome the difficulties.


Ms. Macy Wong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yan Chai Hospital called on all sectors from the community to give their continuous support to the anti-epidemic fund through cash or epidemic prevention materials donation. "Starting from 2022, all public donations raised by Yan Chai Hospital from fundraising activities will definitely exclude all administrative expenses to ensure that all public donations will be fully used for the charity work. The Yan Chai Anti-epidemic Fund aims to raise a donation of HKD 30 million to support the community to fight against the epidemic.