About Emperor Group

From its beginning as a watch retailer, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses that includes financial services, property, watch and jewellery, entertainment, hospitality, media as well as furniture and furnishing.

The Group understands that success comes when the full scope of staff talent can be optimized and that diversity brings opportunities that allow your people to realize their full potential."

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Emperor Group actively fulfills our corporate social responsibility, caring for our staff, customers, partners, the public, and the environment, all with a view of sustainable growth together with all our stakeholders. The Group has set up two charitable foundations to organise a variety of activities, in which all staff members are highly encouraged to participate for their own well-being and join force to become better global citizens both as individuals and members of the Group. The foundations also provide direct financial support to multiple third-party charity projects.

Investor Relations

Six companies within Emperor Group are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. These include Emperor International Holdings Limited (Stock code: 163), which focuses on real estate investment and property development; Emperor Watch and Jewellery Limited (Stock code: 887), which specializes in the retail of luxury watches and fine jewellery; Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited (Stock code: 296), which concentrates on hotel, gaming and catering businesses in Macau; Emperor Capital Group Limited (Stock code: 717), which provides a wide range of financial services; Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock code: 491), which principally engages in entertainment, media and cultural development business; and Ulferts International Limited (Stock code: 1711), which is engaged in chain retailing of upmarket European furniture.

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