In response to World Food Day in October, Emperor Foundation、Tesla Owners Club Hong Kong and Feeding Hong Kong launched the "Food Wanted Not Wasted " campaign to promote the concept of "Feed People Not Landfills"
2023 / 10 / 10

Community Inclusion | Green Action

In response to World Food Day in October, Emperor Foundation and Tesla Owners Club Hong Kong joined forces with local food bank Feeding Hong Kong for the kick-off ceremony held on October 6th at the pulse in Repulse Bay. The event was attended by Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, Ms. Isabel Fan, Regional Director of Tesla, and Ms. Gabrielle Kirstein, Founder and CEO of Feeding Hong Kong, as the guest of honor. Together, they announced the implementation of the "Food Wanted, Not Wasted" campaign. The co-organizers, Emperor Foundation and Tesla Owners Club Hong Kong, will carry out a series of volunteer activities including food donation, transportation, and post-processing to support the work of Feeding Hong Kong. It aims to promote the concept of saving food and aiding those in need, to advocate a sustainable lifestyle to the general public, corporate employees and stakeholders.


The event primarily drives food donation targeting Emperor Group employees, merchants, office tenants, the pulse members, residents in the southside area, Tesla employees and car owners. Surplus food that meets the donation criteria will be collected. The voluntary Tesla owners will drive their zero-emission Tesla electric vehicles to designated collection points to retrieve the food, which will then be transported to Feeding Hong Kong 's warehouse for further screening, storage, and delivery to registered charitable organizations for distribution to those in urgent need. Feeding Hong Kong has also partnered with over 40 collection points in the communities, and the pulse serves as the "limited-time" and the only collection point in the southside during the event. The campaign runs throughout October, aiming to encourage more citizens to participate and gather more food to benefit underprivileged individuals. The organizers will also organize corporate volunteer activities to mobilize employees from both parties to assist in checking, sorting, and repackaging donated food at Feeding Hong Kong 's warehouse for the following distibutions.


Emperor Group has always been concerned about environmental issues and has taken active steps towards sustainability across its various businesses. In March, the Group collaborated with Tesla on green transportation initiatives, aiming to save at least 5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions annually in the local area. The new collaboration still emphasizes the importance of reducing carbon footprint. Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group, stated, "Reports have indicated that one-third of food is wasted during production to sale, with half of it being discarded by restaurants or consumers, causing the Greenhouse Gas emissions and other problems. While Hong Kong enjoys economic prosperity, there are still people facing food shortage. Food resources are vital for social development, and reducing wastage is everyone's responsibility. Through this event, we hope to raise awareness and reflection on issues such as poverty and hunger in society, educating people to cherish food, and to create a sustainable future for the next generation."


As a global electric vehicle brand committed to making a positive impact and developing green energy, Ms. Isabel Fan, Regional Director of Tesla, expressed, "This event embodies Tesla's mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy and demonstrates the collective effort of every Tesla vehicle on the road and its owners, working together to contribute to environmental protection and carbon reduction. They collect and deliver surplus food in a zero-emission manner to benefit families in need, creating a positive impact within the community."


Feeding Hong Kong has been dedicated to promoting a culture of food conservation and is the only member in Hong Kong recognized by the global food banking network. Ms. Gabrielle Kirstein, Founder and CEO of Feeding Hong Kong, said, "One in five people in Hong Kong live below the poverty line, and research shows that low-income families spend up to 30% of their income on food expenses. At the same time, food prices are rising, putting huge pressure on underprivileged grassroots families. We are grateful for the support from Emperor Group and Tesla, which enables Feeding Hong Kong to effectively collect quality surplus food within the community on World Food Day and alleviate the economic burden on those in need. We also call on the public to generously donate food to help those in need and contribute to the cause of public welfare!"


During the ceremony, an eco-friendly product workshop was set up in the atrium of the pulse, providing a resting place for the voluntary Tesla driver who transport food, and also had the opportunity to create eco-friendly products for free. Those who participate in the "Food Wanted, Not Wasted" campaign by donating or delivering food to the pulse or Feeding Hong Kong 's warehouses will receive a one-hour free parking offer at the pulse and enjoy discounted tickets to the pulse's Halloween party "The Seven Gates" held from October 7th to 31st. This allows participants to not only experience the benefits of helping others and embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle but also enjoy a lively Halloween celebration with their family and friends.


The collaboration among Emperor Foundation, Tesla Owners Club Hong Kong and Feeding Hong Kong shows the collective effort of society to reduce wastage and transiting in cultural plus behavioral for social sustainability. By delivering the positive message to cherish food and resources, the campaign aims to make a meaningful impact on the community and promote sustainable practices. Together, we can do so much!