“New Year Reborn!” A Series of Environmental and Social Inclusive Activities to Achieve Multi-faceted Sustainable Development for Society and Businesses Promoting Sustainable Development
2024 / 02 / 09

Charity Foundation | Community Inclusion

Emperor Foundation joined forces with St. James’ Settlement, Jockey Club Upcycling Centre, and Hong Kong United Youth Association (HKUYA) to launch the “New Year Reborn!” initiative. This series of events included a charity sale of red packets, an eco-friendly and inclusive workshop, a visit to elderly centre, and a social media wallgame to encourage green innovation among public, aiming to promote environmental awareness, express care for the underprivileged communities and extend New Year blessings through various forms.


Last November, Emperor Group organised its inaugural charity sale of red packets, encouraging employees to actively participate in charitable activities. The event was a tremendous success, with enthusiastic participation from various departments and colleagues. All funds raised were donated to the Jockey Club Upcycling Centre, part of St. James’ Settlement, to support their rehabilitation programmes, which focus on offering diverse work opportunities and experiences for individuals with disabilities, fostering social inclusion. Following the sale, volunteers from Emperor Foundation and HKUYA visited the Upcycling Centre to make creative handmade lanterns using recycled red packets alongside the centre’s members, aiming to discover their talents and boost their self-confidence.


As the Lunar New Year drew near, Emperor Foundation organised another event, bringing together colleagues from various departments and business units within the Group and members of HKUYA. The volunteer team visited the So Uk Neighborhood Elderly Centre in Sham Shui Po, managed by St. James’ Settlement, bringing joy to the elderly for the New Year. During the visit, the elderly participated in festive guessing games and crafting decorations using recycled red packets, symbolising the sharing of good wishes. Emperor Foundation also presented the centre with a New Year’s art painting jointly created by members from the Upcycling Centre, aiming to spread joy and festive atmosphere to the elderly centre. Many of the elderly participants live alone and have fewer chances to express their feelings. Interacting with the volunteers allowed them to showcase their cheerful side and create lasting memories. The elderly expressed gratitude for the companionship and warmth they felt during the New Year celebration, and they also learned to repurpose recyclable materials found at home into creative handicrafts, reducing waste.


Alongside the offline events, Emperor Foundation hosted the "New Year Reborn!" social media wallgame on the Group’s official social media platforms, inviting public to submit creative handicrafts made from recycled red packets and other everyday materials, promoting the concept of upcycling instead of purchasing. The game received an overwhelming response, with over 100 entries. Outstanding creations were awarded prizes sponsored by The Emperor Hotel.


The "New Year Reborn!" series of activities were embraced by all participants, who joined Emperor Group in integrating eco-friendly practices into their lives and spreading positivity through volunteering. In the future, Emperor Foundation will continue to uphold this spirit, and promote closer connections and cooperation among various sectors of society.