Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung awarded Philanthropic Inheritance Excellence Awards in China’s Charity Chart
2022 / 05 / 30

Charity Foundation

Dr. Albert Yeung Sau-Shing, Chairman of Emperor Group and Mr. Alex Yeung, Vice Chairman of Emperor Group were awarded "Philanthropic Inheritance Excellence Awards" in China’s Charity Chart in the form of father-and son for the first time. This marks a high level of recognition for Dr. Yeung’s exemplary leadership in charity. Under the influence and deeds of him, Mr. Alex Yeung has also made recognized contributions to the society, and motivate charitable development in Mainland and Hong Kong, implementing inheritance of charitable culture and creating shared value through actions.


Although Dr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Alex Yeung were unable to attend the award presentation due to pandemic, the organizer has arranged livestreaming for both of them to give a thank-you speech. Dr. Yang is particularly grateful for the recognition of the China’s Charity Chart. Followed by the "Lifetime Achievement Award" received in 2017, the "Philanthropic Inheritance Excellence Awards" that both of me and my son received this year means even more to me. He recalled an unforgettable story: "I’ve started participating in charity works since 1970. Alex often followed me in charity works since he was a child. Back to 1998, Alex followed me to Hubei areas affected by the great flood when he was just 12 years old, helping out with fund raising and family visits. To this day, I am happy to see his continuous contributions to the elderly and young people in welfare development. This award gives us a great confidence to walk side by side on the journey of charity.” In 2022, Emperor Group marks its 80th anniversary, with Dr. Albert Yeung’s guidance, the Group will continue to strive for success, and  create more shared values for the society which is timeless ahead.


Mr. Alex Yeung, who participated in the China’s Charity Chart for the first time, also extend his gratitude: "In the future, I will follow my father's philanthropy role and inherit his charitable cause. While promoting the sustainable development of the group, I will continue to fulfill corporate social responsibility and drive the development of youth work , elderly care services, education, culture and environmental protection.” He is also a member of the 13th Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth, and key voluntary public positions in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The innovative perspectives and insights of young people are always valuable engines to facilitate social and economic development. Looking forward to the future, Mr. Alex Yeung said: " I will integrate social resources to help the grass-roots families, such as providing more career opportunities to motivate the youth moving up the social ladder. At the same time, we will drive more young people to give back to the society hand in hand, putting the spirit of diversity integration and value sharing into practice.”


"China's Charity Chart" has been organised by China Philanthropy Times on a yearly basis since 2004 under the supervision of Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and China Association of Social Workers. The award aims to exemplify the infectious power of exemplars and the spirit of modern philanthropy. This year, the "Philanthropic Inheritance Excellence Awards" is set up for the first time to encourage entrepreneurs to play their role and to promote the social sustainable development.