Together with Hubei Charity Federation and Social Workers Across Borders, Emperor Group Makes Donation to Fight Outbreak of Coronavirus
2020 / 01 / 30

Charity Foundation

Faced with the recent spread of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan City, Hubei Province and Hong Kong, Emperor Group, after close communication and coordination over several days with the Hubei Charity Federation and Social Workers Across Borders, announced on January 30 it would donate medical protection supplies and funds totaling CNY 10 million through the Emperor Foundation to the Hubei Charity Federation and Social Workers Across Borders to support the emergency epidemic prevention work in Hubei Province and Hong Kong. More than 100 non-invasive ventilators were included for symptomatic treatment to assist patients with severe illness to improve ventilation effectively. Another 10,000 sets of medical protective equipment were purchased to provide support and assistance to medical institutions, and support staff standing on the front line and patients with severe illness in Hubei. The supplies have been purchased and will arrive in Hubei Province next week while a report will be sent to the Prevention and Control Headquarters of the New Coronavirus Infection in Hubei Province, which will redistribute the necessities to more than 10 hospitals across 9 cities and counties in Hubei Province that are facing a serious shortage of medical devices. Part of the donations will be delivered to Hubei Charity Federation and Hong Kong’s Social Workers Across Borders, respectively. The former will effectively allocate various resources for multi-level anti-epidemic actions through its provincial integrated management capabilities, while the latter, through its collaboration with Hong Kong communities, will distribute emergency epidemic prevention supplies for the elderly and grass-roots families and carry out community epidemic prevention education.


While running the business, Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group, cooperated with Hubei Charity Federation to open the first elderly care centre in Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan City, Hubei Province: the Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Wuhan, China) Elderly Care Centre, which opened in 2006, has been carrying out hospice work for the elderly for 14 years. The Centre provides one-stop hospice care services for seniors without family in Hubei Province based on a combination of medical treatment and counseling, so that they can go to the end of their lives with dignity and without regret. This project is the first service program in the mainland that introduces the cooperation of Hong Kong social workers with mainland medical care workers to provide emotional support. Successfully breaking the traditional taboo of death and introducing hospice services to Hubei Province, it won “The Most Influential Charity Project Nomination Award 2007” and “Hubei Province Charity Award 2008” from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In this anti-epidemic operation, Rongjun Hospital was selected to join in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia, and all staff members abandoned their leave in an effort to fight the disease. The Group will also donate a batch of medical protective devices to support the epidemic prevention and control of Rongjun Hospital.


For this prompt rescue, Hubei Charity Federation recognized the donation arrangement of Emperor Group, saying that in the current situation of insufficient supply of medical equipment, this donation will provide very effective help to the front-line support work. They also expressed their gratitude to the Group for its care and resource allocation for the elderly in Hubei Province. Hubei Charity Federation, which is directly led and managed by the Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department, has cooperated with the Group for many years to promote the elderly’s public welfare services in the province. In this epidemic prevention and control operation, funds and material assistance will also be distributed to other regions of Hubei Province in addition to Wuhan as a focus.


Unity makes strength! Emperor Group will continue to pay close attention to and fully support the epidemic prevention and control work together with all walks of life. We believe that being united will help us win the battle against this disease!