Emperor Foundation “Cognitive Fun Day with Elderly”
2022 / 10 / 05

Charity Foundation | Community Inclusion

A report from The World Health Organization shown that there are about 50 million people living with dementia in worldwide, of those poeple, one in ten elderly aged 70 or above are currently suffering from dementia. A foreign study also reflected that the risk of having dementia increased by 3.6% among elderly aged 65 or above who have caught the COVID-19. The elderly welfare service is always a key focus area to the Charity Foundation. In order to raise the awareness and attention to elderly's brain health, Emperor Foundation co-hosted “Cognitive Fun Day with Elderly” with Yan Chai Hospital on 24 September. Supported by Emperor International, the staff volunteer team sent care and blessings to the elderly under Yan Chai Hospital member network, a goodie bag with health soup bag  sponsored by Emperor Foundation were also distributed to each elderly as a gift of warmth.


The event was held at Yan Chai Hospital Fong Yock Yee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. Followed by a health talk of dementia hosted by the social worker from Yan Chai, the elderly and volunteers were divided into four groups for the cognitive games including the Switch game, Daily knowledge review, Music Ring and Sportz exercise. The elderly expressed their enjoyment with the companion of the volunteers. "I hope the general public could care more about the seniors around them and also the society. Participating oneself in this volunteer activities can help drawing more attention to dementia. In addition, they were being touched that not only physical support can directly benefit the elderly, sometimes, a simple greetings and casual talk could also be a way of care to the them.


“Charity is a continuous journey where we should do as much as we can to give back to the community”, to cope with the charitable philosophy of Dr. Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group , Emperor Foundation introduced the "Empower Community" project to encourage more acts of kindness and caring. Regardless of the format, every little makes a mickle. The more caring we give, the better future we shape when every manpower in the Group share our achievements with the underprivileged. In response to this belief, the Foundation combines business resources and employees' personal expertise to empower people and communities in need, so as to sustain the spirit of philanthropy.